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    Drew was offered an opportunity that was just too good to pass up when he was asked to play on the U10 hockey team representing Flint in the 58th Annual CANUSA Games in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. With our impending move to Florida rapidly approaching, this became a once in a lifetime that he couldn't turn down. Drew was one of ten young men and one young lady who would be facing off against a team of players from the Hamilton area in two games. The players would also be billeted, or housed, with a player from the opposing team for the weekend. This was the one thing that gave Drew the most pause about participating, but he realized that this was a chance that he just couldn't turn down.

  • Opening Ceremony - Here are the pictures from the opening ceremony that took place on August 7th.
  • Closing Ceremony - Follow this link for pictures from the closing ceremony that took place on August 9th.

CANUSA Games - Flint



Location Time Result Score Record
  Aug 08 Game 1 - at Hamilton Mohawk 4 Ice Centre 4:00pm L 14-0 0-1
  Aug 09 Game 2 - at Hamilton Mohawk 4 Ice Centre 10:00am L 13-1 0-2


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