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June 2nd, 2015              

    Drew's fourth grade trip took their class trip to Lansing today to view the history of the Capitol city as well as that of their state, Michigan. Our first stop was at the Impressions 5 Museum. Despite being a half hour late due to traffic, the kids were still able to explore and have fun.

Impressions 5 Museum - Lansing

Drew and his classmates listening to the directions upon their arrival at the Impressions 5 museum.

Drew peering out at the camera from inside a giant eyeball.

Another look at Drew inside the eyeball.

Patterson was one of five (5!) schools in the museum at the same time... guess that's why things were a little hectic!

Drew and his partner for the day Collin.

Drew using some tools to clean the teeth.

Drew and Collin tearing apart a bridge so that they could rebuild it.

Drew and Collin wound up getting some (unwanted) assistance from some of their classmates.

Drew holding the directions for the finished bridge construction project.

Drew throwing a tennis ball...

...and reacting as he hit 46mph on the radar gun.

Collin and Drew performing a light experiment.

Drew checking out the dripping water overhead that reflected on the floor below.

Drew using a telescope to peer into the high rise across the way.

Drew pumping air into a plastic bottle to prepare it for launch.

Drew raising his hand to answer a question in the slime-making science lab.

Collin and Drew playing with the freshly made slime in the lab.

Drew and his group working on a ramp to see how long that it would take them to roll a marble down their design.

Drew wasn't happy with his groups results - two tries resulted in zero time as their marble kept getting stuck.

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