Tahquamenon Falls

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July 25th, 2015              

    The time is rapidly approaching when we will be once again saying goodbye to our third son, Carlos, as he heads back to Spain in five days, taking Tyler with him for three weeks of new experiences. I decided (with the kids input) that it would be fun to give Carlos the experience of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, including the Mackinac Bridge and Tahquamenon Falls. Tyler, Carlos, Samantha, and her friend Mariah all woke up early in the morning to make the trek north with me. Our first stop was in St. Ignace, where we stopped at the Mackinac Bridge View Park to take some pictures.

Mackinac Bridge View Park - St. Ignace

The Mackinac Bridge.

Mariah, Samantha, Tyler, and Carlos exploring the rocks along the shore.

Tyler and Carlos found this little fellow sunning himself on the rocks.

Sam, Carlos, Tyler, and Mariah posing for a picture on the rocks.

A closer look at the four kids.

Carlos taking a selfie with the bridge.

Sam braving her way out onto the rocks.

Sam posing for a photo.

    Our next stop was our primary destination - Tahquamenon Falls. The kids decided to skip the upper falls, so we headed straight to the lower falls to have some fun!

Tahquamenon Falls - Paradise

A look at the Tahquamenon River.

Another shot of the river.

Tyler being silly on a tree.

Tyler recreating a picture we've taken before (though this one didn't turn out as well).

The view from the river shore.

Samantha standing by a try along the river bank.

Tyler and Carlos venturing out into the water.

Tyler, Carlos, Mariah, and Samantha posing for a photo on one of the many little waterfalls in the Tahquamenon Falls.

Carlos, Tyler, Sam, and Mariah heading towards one of the bigger falls.

Carlos wiping off the water from his head after getting out of the waterfall while the others are still underneath.

Carlos, Mariah, Samantha, and Tyler poking their heads out of the waterfall.

Another shot of the four kids standing in the waterfall.

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