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July 25th, 2015              

    Finally, here are the last of my pictures from our time at the Tahquamenon Falls...

Tahquamenon Falls - Paradise

Mariah and Samantha standing in a waterfall.

Carlos leaning out from a waterfall.

Tyler and Carlos sitting in a waterfall.

Tyler sitting in a waterfall.

Tyler and Carlos near a waterfall.

Rodney standing in a hole in the rocks...

...while Tyler mocks his gut-sucking ability.

Tyler flexing while standing in the hole.

Samantha taking a turn standing down in the hole...

...and has Mariah stand next to her to show how deep the hole actually was.

Samantha sitting on a rock ledge.

A close-up of Sam.

    After leaving the falls we made a quick stop so that the kids could dip their toes into Lake Michigan...

Lake Michigan

Tyler, Carlos, Samantha, and Mariah on the shoreline.

Tyler, Carlos, Sam, and Mariah standing in the lake - as far as they'd go, anyway!

Sam taking a selfie while standing on a piece of wood.

    Before making it home, we made on last stop to take in the sights. We stopped at the Mackinac Bridge once again, but this time in Mackinac City...

Mackinac Bridge - Mackinaw City

A look north under the Mackinac Bridge.

Another shot from under the bridge.

The Old Mackinac City Lighthouse.

The Mackinac Bridge.

Carlos, Tyler, Samantha, and Mariah posing in front of the bridge.

One last shot of the kids for the day.


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