Bazooka Memorial Day Tournament

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    Samantha and her Venice Falcons Soccer Club U16 teammates will be participating in the 2016 Bazooka Soccer Memorial Day Tournament on the weekend of May 28th-30th. Check back here to find information for this tournament, including the game schedule, pictures, and game descriptions. As always, enjoy!

  • House Games - Go here to see pictures of the girls playing games at the rental house that they stayed in for the tournament.

2016 Bazooka Soccer Memorial Day Tournament - Venice Falcons U16



Location Time Result Score Record GF GA GD
  May 28 * Game 1 - vs. Florida SC Girls Spirit 99/00 Apopka 1:00pm D 2-2 0-1-0 2 2 0
  May 28 * Game 2 - at Oldsmar SC 00/01G Apopka 7:20pm D 0-0 0-2-0 2 2 0
  May 29   Semi-Finals Game - vs. Oldsmar SC 00/01G Apopka 11:45am L 0-3 0-2-1 2 5 -3
    * = No pictures available                


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