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October 29th, 2016              

Game #3

Arctic Edge of Canton 1st 2nd 3rd Final
'05 Lapeer Storm 1 1 1 3
St. Jude Knights 2 1 3 6

    This was second game today, and the third of the Fall Colours hockey tournament. The team headed back to the Arctic Edge of Canton, this time for a game against the St. Jude Knights from Illinois. Drew played his shifts on right wing throughout this game. The Storm was able to quickly score a goal, giving them the lead. The Knights were able to match that goal with one of their own, and managed to add on another, which ended the first period with a 2-1 score. The Storm came on to the ice in the second ready to play (the constant mini sticks looked to have improved their game); they wanted to win! Part way into the second period the Storm scored another goal, tying up the game. We all thought we had it, but moments later the Knights scored another goal. There was a kid Drew didnít seem to care for and he kept leaning on Drew. You could tell he was ready to take the kid out but figured the best way to hurt him was to score a goal on a rebound, Drew's first of the tournament. Unfortunately the Knights scored three unanswered goals, including an empty netter, to close out what was otherwise a closely fought contest. This left the team feeling disappointed, but they were also proud of the relative success the team was having. With each play, they looked more in sync and working together. The Storm finished this game with a 6-3 loss, but the improvement in their play was becoming more and more evident. The loss put the two teams in the consolation game tomorrow morning for a rematch, this time at Yost Ice Arena, home of the Michigan Wolverines.

    We're not sure what happened, but our pictures from this game all were done in black and white... enjoy them anyway!

'05 Lapeer Storm - Fall Colours Game 3 - at St. Jude Knights

Drew and his Lapeer Storm teammates listening to the coaches before the start of the game.

Drew skating down the ice.

Drew lined up at right wing during a faceoff.

Drew circling back around as the play heads the other way down the ice.

Drew keeping an eye on the puck...

...and skating down the ice.

Another shot of Drew on the ice.


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