Fall Colours

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    Drew and his Lapeer Storm teammates will be playing in the 2016 Fall Colours tournament in the peewee division. The tournament is taking place on the weekend of October 28-30th, and is being held in Ann Arbor/Canton, Michigan. There is on game scheduled for Friday and two games on Saturday. I am unsure what would happen if they make it to the Championship game at this time, but will add that here as soon as I find out. Check the game links below for the game and tournament results!

Fall Colours Tournament - '05 Lapeer Storm



Location Time Result Score Record
  Oct 28   Game 1 - vs. Gilmour Gladiators (Ohio) Canton 4:00pm L 4-3 0-1
  Oct 29   Game 2 - vs. Kenosha Komets (Wisconsin) Canton 8:00am L 3-0 0-2
  Oct 29   Game 3 - at St. Jude Knights (Illinois) Canton 2:45pm      
  Oct 30   Consolation Game - at St. Jude Knights (Illinois) Ann Arbor 7:00am      


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