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July 12th, 2017              

Little League Districts Consolation Game

Maple Glen Park - Commerce 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th+ Final
Holly 2 1 0 0 3 2   8
South Farmington 0 0 3 5 3     11

Position Played:

LF LF LF LF 3B      
After a tough first two games, Holly returned to the complex in Commerce to play in a consolation game against the South Farmington team. For the first time here, the Holly team would be the visiting team. That gave Holly the first at-bat, and they took full advantage of it, grabbing an early 1-0 lead on a two-strike lead-off home run. They tacked on another run later in the inning in a more conventional manner, and led 2-0 after the third out in the top of the first. Although South Farmington was able to get a base runner or two, Holly played well defensively to keep the score 2-0 heading into the second. Drew spent this inning (as well as the second through fourth) playing in left field.

Drew was the second batter for Holly in the second inning, and he drove the ball to right field for a base hit. He would go on to steal second base before being driven to third base on an RBI hit from a teammate. Unfortunately for Drew and the Holly team, he would wind up stranded at third base. Holly would once again get some quality pitching and defense in the bottom of the inning, and Holly would maintain their 3-0 lead when it was all over.

Holly would not have much success in the third inning, including Drew during his second at-bat of the game, as he struck out for the first time today. The team would get shut out for the first time today before heading to the field for defense. Holly struggled a bit with the pitching part of the game in this inning, as the South Farmington team was able to take advantage of it and score three runs, knotting the game up heading into the fourth.

Holly would once again struggle with the bats in their top half of the inning, blanked on the scoreboard once again. While the Holly bats were going cold, the South Farmington bats were heating up. They would plate five runs in the inning to really open things up.

Holly wasn't prepared to concede quite yet, however. They were able to get some runners on base, as well as take advantage of some past balls. They would go on to score three runs to narrow the gap to two before Drew would go down swinging to end the inning. They would give it all back to South Farmington in the bottom of the inning, however, as the big lead was handed right back to them. Drew moved to a new spot for this inning - playing third base for the first time on the District team. He had to field a grounder and catch a successful steal attempt, but he didn't make any major mistakes in this new position.

Holly would get one last chance in the sixth to make it a game, needing five runs to tie. Taking things down to the wire, Holly was down to their final out after two quick strikeouts, still finding themselves down five runs. A no-doubt two-run home run narrowed the gap a little bit, but a third strikeout ended their chance at a comeback, handing Holly their third straight defeat by an 11-8 score.

Despite finally breaking out offensively, the Holly boys weren't able to get the victory that was needed for their confidence. Regardless of the outcome, all of the parents were proud of what their boys were able to accomplish this season. Great job boys!


Little League Baseball Districts Consolation Game - vs. South Farmington

Drew and his teammates running off the field after holding the opposition off the boards in the bottom of the inning.

Drew backing up as a pitch comes in tight.

Drew on first base after taking a ball off his wrist.

Drew standing on second base, ready to make a move...

...before heading to third on a teammate's hit.

Drew keeping an eye on the pitcher from third base.

Drew off the base at third, ready to run home.

Drew back in the batters box.

Drew and his teammate converging on a ground ball.

Drew taking aim at the cutoff man...

...and throwing the baseball in from the fence.

Drew taking a swing in what would be his final at-bat of the game.

Drew spitting a pitch he liked...

...and making contact with the ball...

...and driving down the third base line, where it landed just foul.

Drew in the batter's box once again.

Drew watching a ball sail past.

Drew getting a turn at third base.

Drew knocking down a grounder...

...and scooping up the ball.

Drew catching a throw from a teammate...

...and turning back as the runner touches the bag.

Drew keeping an eye on third base.

The team gathered after the final out.

Drew and his teammates listening to the coaches.

A team photo, with Drew standing second from the left in the middle row.

Another team photo.


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