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July 10th, 2017              

Little League Districts Game #2

Maple Glen Park - Commerce 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th+ Final
Grand Blanc 0 3 0 0 0 1   4
Holly 0 0 0 0 0 2   2

Position Played:

1B 1B LF LF LF LF    
After a tough loss in their first District game, Drew and his Holly Little League District teammates returned to the ball fields in Commerce to try to secure a much needed "W". Tonight they would be playing against a familiar team in Grand Blanc.

Holly started out in the field, and they held their own defensively, managing to get out of the inning without allowing a run to score. Drew started out today's contest playing his most comfortable position, first base. Holly's wasn't able to generate much excitement when it was their turn to bat, making three quick outs.

Grand Blanc had a big inning in the second, scoring runs after Holly got the first batter out. They tightened up after that, getting the final two outs before any more damage could be done. Holly struggled in the second inning as well, though they did have a runner on base when Drew stepped into the batters box. Unfortunately Drew fell behind 0 balls, 2 strikes when the runner on first was caught stealing, ending the threat.

Holly got some good pitching and defense in the third inning, keeping Grand Blanc off the scoreboard once again. Drew moved to left field for this inning (and would stay there for the rest of the game). Drew led off the inning after being stranded in the batters box in the last inning, and he led off with a single to left field. After getting an out, Drew's teammate hit a sinking line drive into right field that wound up being caught. As Drew retreated to the first base, he, the batter, and the first basemen all converged at the bag at the same. Although Drew made it to first before the ball, somehow he was called out for interference. Nobody really understood the call except for the umpire, but he was out anyway. They weren't able to recover that inning, and still trailed 3-0 after the final out.

Neither team could generate any runs in either the fourth or fifth innings, though they were able to get runners on base. Drew got his second at-bat of the game in the fifth, but had to settle for reaching first after being hit in the arm by the ball.

The sixth and final inning of the day resulted in Holly falling behind by another run after Grand Blanc scored a two-out run. Holly managed to get the final out before any more damage was done. Holly would need a big inning to force the game to continue or to grab a victory, and things were looking bleak after two strikeouts. They managed to make things interesting, however, scoring two runs late. They had the bases loaded with a chance to take the lead, but a fly ball to center field ended the contest, as well as Holly's chance at the Little League World Series.

Although this certainly wasn't the outcome anyone wanted, it wasn't due to lack of effort by the team. They were definitely upset with how things played out here in Commerce, and knew things could have been different (especially today, with several base-running errors) if they played as they knew how overall. Even though they wouldn't be making it to Cooperstown this year, they would have one last game to play - a Consolation game tomorrow against an opponent to-be-determined...


Little League Baseball Districts Game 2 - vs. Grand Blanc

Drew in the field for a rare time at first base.

Drew and his teammates running off the field after a good defensive inning.

Drew with another chance at first base.

Drew at the plate...

...swinging away while looking for a hit...

...but coming up short in this at-bat.

Drew moved to his normal spot for the district team, left field.

Drew back in the batters box...

...and swinging at a pitch he liked...

...and sending it through the infield...

...for a base hit.

Drew moving in left field during the play.

Drew once again looking for a hit...

...and watching the ball come in...

...and ducking out of the way as it went by his head.


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