Day 1 - Coin Ceremony

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May 23rd, 2018              

We woke up bright and early this morning in an attempt to make it on base and find a spot to watch Tyler in the Airman's run. The following pictures were taken on our way to the Pfingston Reception Center...


Misc. Lackland Air Force Base Photos

A logo found outside the Reception Center.

Tyler's unit logo on the wall of the Reception Center.

The Airman's Run is a 2.5 mile run, where the Airmen run across the Retreat Pad, which gives the Airmen's family a chance to get a look at them for the first time since they left for training. The Airmen pass through twice, which gives everyone a better chance as spotting their Airman in the crowd. Let me tell you, this was an emotional event... I personally got to speak with Tyler once over the course of the 7 1/2 weeks since he left, and that was for less than 5 minutes. There is no other form of communication outside of snail mail, which is a slow, time consuming process when you are used to instant communication. I could barely control myself when I got a glimpse of Tyler for the first time, and frankly am tearing up recounting this experience now. Below are some of the better pictures from the run...


Airman's Run

A look across the retreat pad, as the Airmen start the run.

A jackrabbit on spotted on base.

Some of the flights approaching the retreat pad.

The lead group arriving at the retreat pad.

Tyler's group - the Knights - arriving at the retreat pad. Tyler is in the second row, second from the right (facing the runners).

A look at Tyler as his circles back through.

Another look at Tyler as he passes by.

After completing their run, the Airmen are given the opportunity to return to their dorm to shower and change into their ABU's (or, Airman Battle Uniforms) for the Airman's Coin Ceremony. Receiving the coin marks the transition from trainee to Airman. The Retreat portion follows the Coin Ceremony, during which the U.S. Flag is paid tribute, brought down, folded and safeguarded. After Retreat, the Airmen will sing the Air Force Song.


Airman's Coin Ceremony / Retreat

Today's ceremonies were started by a prayer.

The Airman who would be finishing Basic Military Training (BMT) with honors were presented first.

The top Airman receiving his honors...

...and getting a salute and handshake.

Tyler's flight marching in for the Coin Ceremony.

A closer look at Tyler in his flight (first row, far left if facing the Airmen).

Another close-up of Tyler.

Tyler's flight facing the bleachers.

A speech by the base commander.

Tyler's flight listening to the speech.

Preparing for the rewarding of the coins... they are brought to each flight.

Tyler receiving his coin...

...and getting a handshake.

Tyler standing as those handing out coins move to the next airman.

A look at the Retreat Pad with all of the Airmen during the coin ceremony.

Another look at the flights on the Retreat Pad.

A closer look at Tyler's flight.

A speech given prior to the Retreat ceremony.

Preparing to lower the flag.

The Airmen standing at attention as the flag is lowered.

Another look at the Airmen during Retreat.

Preparing to fold the flag...

Folding the flag...

Finishing folding the flag.

One last look at Tyler, as the Airmen sing the Air Force Song.

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