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May 23rd, 2018              

After the singing of the Air Force Song, the Airmen remain standing at attention. At this time, we moved from the bleachers to the Retreat Pad to see Tyler for the first time since he flew out. This is a tradition that is known as "tapping out", which releases the Airmen to their visitors for the remainder of Base Leave. To "tap out" your Airman, you simply tap him or her on the shoulder. I don't recall who made it to Tyler first and tapped him out, but I do know that the hugs afterwards were some of the best I have ever experienced!


Tap Out

Tyler giving a big hug to his girlfriend Rose, as Rodney, Tara, and Grandma Terry look on.

Tyler giving Grandma Terry a hug.

Tyler hugging Grandma Gail and Grandpa Jerry.

Tyler wiping away tears as Tara talks to him...

...and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Tyler posing for a picture with Rose...

...and getting a kiss on the cheek.

Grandpa Gary, Drew, Tyler, Jayden, Samantha, Tara, Rodney, and Grandma Terry.

Drew, Tyler, Jay, Sam, Tara, and Rodney.

Rose, Tyler, Jay, Sam, Tara, Rod, and Drew.

Grandpa Jerry, Grandma Gail, Tyler, Jayden, Samantha, Tara, Rodney, and Drew.

Tyler posing for a picture with Sam.

Another shot of Tyler and Sam.

Tyler with Drew.

Tyler and Jay.

Rose and Tyler leading the way, with Tara, Jay, and Sam following.

Grandpa Gary, Tyler, and Grandma Terry.

Before Tyler's base leave ended, we ate dinner at the Gateway Club on base. We were joined by Tyler's Great-Grandma Parrott and Uncle Steve as well for our meal. After eating we had to drop Tyler off at his dorm so that we could all get some sleep and prepare for tomorrow's graduation ceremony.


Misc. Lackland Air Force Base Photos

The Air Force logo in one of the buildings.

Great-Grandma Parrott with Tyler.

Steve talking to Tyler.

Steve and Tyler posing for a picture.

Another picture of Steve and Tyler.


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