Day 2 - Graduation

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May 24th, 2018            

This is what we came for, graduation day! (Though in all honesty, nothing will top the Tap Out ceremony that took place yesterday following the Coin Ceremony) The first step today was watching the Airmen pass in review, as they walked past the assembled high-ranking military guests. They then assembled to reaffirm their "Oath of Enlistment".

Below are pictures from the graduation ceremony.


U.S. Air Force Basic Military Training Graduation

Looking across the parade grounds while waiting for the graduation ceremony to begin.

One of the many planes located around the parade grounds.

A monument to military working dog teams.

The Airmen making their way onto the parade grounds.

A closer look at some of the flights assembled on the parade grounds.

A closer look at Tyler's flight. Tyler is in the second row, on the right side in these photos.

Another look at Tyler's flight along with two others.

The military band and the flag bearers.

Tyler's flight listening to orders.

Another shot of Tyler's flight.

Tyler's flight at attention.

The flags of all of the flights.

The top flight was presented with an award.

Tyler's flight making their mark to the Bomb Run, where they will mark past the bleachers and assembled military higher ups.

A closer look at Tyler during the march.

Another look at Tyler in his flight.

Tyler's flight passing by.

The flags of each state is represented.

The American and Air Force flags.

The band playing.

Tyler's flight returning to the parade grounds.

A look at Tyler's flight as they march forward.

All of the flights marching.

A closer look at Tyler's flight marching.

The flights approaching the Bomb Run (the walkway that is visible in the front).

Another look at Tyler in his flight.

A closer look at Tyler.

Giving a speech before the Airmen take the oath.

Tyler and his fellow Airmen repeating the Oath of Enlistment.

Another picture during the Oath of Enlistment.

One more picture of the Oath of Enlistment.

The flags passing back by on the Bomb Run.

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