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For the second year in a row, Drew has decided to try out for the school basketball team. Things are a little different here in Florida, as they do not have separate teams for each of the grades, but rather one for the entire school (6th, 7th, and 8th grades). Thankfully, after four intense days of cut downs, Drew came home with the news that he was selected for the team. Drew will be wearing jersey number 32 this season. Remember to check back her often for scores and game information!
  • Team Pictures - Go here to see the official team photograph.

Boys Basketball - Venice Chargers



Location Time Result Score Record
Dec 03   Game 1 - vs. Brookside Middle School Venice MS 7:15pm L 39-33 0-1
Dec 05   Game 2 - at Laurel Nokomis School Laurel Nokomis 7:15pm W 45-26 1-1
Dec 10   Game 3 - vs. Woodland Middle School Venice MS 7:15pm L 58-33 1-2
Dec 12   Game 4 - at McIntosh Middle School McIntosh MS 7:15pm L 32-23 1-3
Dec 17   Game 5 - vs. Booker Middle School Venice MS 7:15pm L 60-35 1-4
  Jan 09   Game 6 - vs. Sarasota Middle School Venice MS 7:15pm      
  Jan 16   Game 7 - at Heron Creek Middle School Heron Creek MS 7:15pm      
  Jan 23   Game 8 - at Pine View Middle School Pine View MS 7:15pm      


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