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December 3rd, 2018              

Game #1

Venice Middle School - Venice 1st 2nd 3rd 4th / Final
Venice Chargers 9 21 28 33
Brookside MS 10 16 26 39


Tonight was the first game of the season for Drew and his new Venice Chargers middle school basketball teammates. Drew stepped on the court for the first time with 20 seconds remaining in the opening quarter, as Brookside was shooting a free throw, and checked out a few minutes later after scoring his team's only two points (while he was in, I mean) and grabbing a rebound. His two points helped Venice take a 21-16 lead into halftime.

The second half was basically a copy of the first as far as Drew was concerned, checking in late in the third quarter and playing into the fourth. He didn't record any stats during his time on the court this half, but when he checked out the Chargers were still winning, though the gap was narrowed to 28-27 at that point. The Chargers shots would cool off just as the Brookside players started to get hot, and the final score would end up being 39-33 with the Chargers on the wrong side of the ledger. Not the start the team was looking for, but there were positives to build on after this game.


Venice Chargers Game #1 - vs. Brookside MS

Drew during warm-ups for the Chargers first game.

Drew running down the bench during pregame introductions...

...and turning around after giving the Brookside coach a fist bump.

Drew boxing out during a Brookside free-throw attempt.

Drew in the middle of the rebound battle...

...while fighting for the ball.

Drew trying not to step on the fallen Brookside player.

Drew putting up a shot after grabbing a rebound...

...and stretching out...

...and banking the ball off the backboard...

...before it falls through the net for his first points of the season.

Drew boxing out on another Brookside free-throw attempt...

...before reaching out...

...and grabbing the rebound.

Drew reaching out to bother a Brookside shot.

Drew skying high to get a hand on the rebound attempt.

Drew driving past a Brookside defender...

...and getting a shot off...

...and sending it towards the rim.

Drew with his hand in the face off the shooter...

...but getting called for the foul.

Drew on the bench, frustrated.

Drew and his Chargers teammates suffered a 39-33 defeat in the opening game of the season.


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