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Friday, September 16th, 2022              

LHSHL Game #2

Ellenton Ice and Sports Complex - Ellenton 1st 2nd 3rd Final
Riverview Ice Sharks 1    1   0 1   1 4
Newsome Wolves     1    1 0 1 3

Period Length

15:00 15:00 15:00  


After an opening week victory in their first game of the season, Drew and his Riverview Ice Sharks teammates returned to the rink for their second contest, this time against the Newsome Wolves, last seasons Lightning High School Hockey League champions.

The opening period got off to a great start for the Ice Sharks, as they won the opening faceoff, which led to a breakaway and a goal just six seconds in! The lead was short-lived, however, as New some would score a goal of their own just one minute into the game, knotting things up at 1-1. The two teams would trade scoring chances for the next few minutes, but it was once again the Ice Sharks would would grab the lead, this time thanks to a beautiful pass through the crease that was easily tipped in for a 2-1 score with just under nine minutes to play. From that point on in the period, Newsome would dominate the puck. A Riverview tripping penalty started the onslaught, though the Ice Sharks were able to kill that off successfully. Unfortunately, the Wolves did find the back of the net with just under four and a half minutes to play, scoring a goal in close on the Riverview net, which tied things up at two goals apiece. The Wolves would continue firing shots on goal, though that would be it for the scoring in the period. When the period was over, the score remained tied at 2-2, despite the Ice Sharks being outshot by an 11-4 margin.

The second period wasn't overly exciting if you only care about goals, but it was a back and forth battle on the ice. Each team took a penalty during the period, though they obviously were able to kill them off. The Wolves still outshot the Ice Sharks in the period, though this time it was by a narrower gap, 11-10 over the fifteen minutes.

The third period got off to a slow start, and it was a Newsome penalty that finally led to the first shot on goal. A roughing call just over a minute in gave the Riverview team a powerplay opportunity, but it only led to a single shot on goal. With just under nine and a half to play, the Ice Sharks got a break down the right side of the ice, leading to a wrist shot that found the back of the net and a 3-2 Riverview lead. Shortly after retaking the lead, Riverview was called for a tripping penalty, handing the Newsome team an ideal opportunity to tie things up once again. Thankfully Riverview was up to the task of killing off the penalty and maintaining their lead. With just over six minutes to play, Newsome would take a roughing call, but the Riverview team wasn't able to take advantage of the extra skater. With 92 seconds left to play, Newsome pulled their goaltender for an extra skater of their own. It took just over a minute, but that decision paid off as they were able to score on a long shot from the defenseman on the left side, knotting the game at 3-3 with just 28.7 seconds left on the clock. Riverview found an answer, however, on a shot only 8.6 seconds later, on a shot that appeared to come from behind the net, giving the Ice Sharks their fourth lead of the game, this time with a 4-3 margin. The Wolves would pull their goalie once more, but there was only four seconds to play at that point, and by then it was too late. Victory, Riverview Ice Sharks!

Way to go boys! 2-0 on the season!


Riverview Ice Sharks Varsity Game #2 - vs. Newsome Wolves


Drew stepping into the center ice circle after a faceoff.


Drew looking to play the puck along the boards.


Drew setting up shop in his office, doing his best to screen the Newsome goaltender...


...even as the puck shifts to the side of the net.


Drew playing the puck up along the boards to a teammate.


Drew lined up at wing during a faceoff.


Drew skating with the puck through center ice.


Drew battling for the puck along the end boards behind the Newsome net.


Drew keeping an eye on the puck while moving down the ice.


Drew going after a Wolves skater - and the puck - along the boards...


...and making contact...


...and knocking the Newsome skater to the ice in the process.


Drew battling for position while screening the Newsome goaltender.


Drew trying to settle down the bouncing puck in front of the Newsome net...


...before finally sending a shot attempt wide.


Drew holding off the Newsome defense's attempts to clear him from the front of the net...


Drew trying to tip a shot attempt coming off a teammate's stick.



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