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Friday, July 22nd, 2022              

Game #12

TGH Ice Plex - Tampa 1st 2nd 3rd Final
Riverview Ice Sharks Blue 0           1   1 1      1 4
Bloomingdale Rajun' Bulls White 0 1 1 1 1   1    1 1 7

Period Length

12:00 12:00 12:00  


Drew and his Riverview Ice Sharks teammates took to the ice for their final game of the 2022 spring season, as they faced off against the Bloomingdale Rajun' Bulls White team. The first period of this game was incredibly one-sided, though not much action took place on the scoreboard. Bloomingdale vastly outshot the Ice Sharks, by a 10-2 margin, and they got the only official entry in the scorebook thanks to a hooking penalty early on. The period would come to an end with a 0-0 score despite being outshot so badly.

The second period didn't go the way of the Ice Sharks either, as the Bulls got off to a fast and furious start. Not even a minute in to the period they had a deflected backhand go in over the Riverview goaltender. Things got worse just 11 seconds later when Bloomingdale once again found the back of the net, making it a 2-0 game in what seemed like the blink of an eye. 33 seconds after goal number two the Bulls would find the puck in the back of the net once again, this time on one that snuck through the five-hole to make it a 3-0 game, all in a matter of 95 seconds. The Bulls would tack on another goal, though this one came nearly two and a half minutes after the prior score, on a shot from the backside of the play that resulted in a 4-0 deficit for the Ice Sharks. Bloomingdale got called for a roughing penalty with just under six minutes to play in the period, and a minute later Drew found the back of the net on a shot from right on top of the Bloomingdale goaltender, putting Riverview on the board with the power-play goal, making it a 4-1 game. He took a pass from across the crease, had a nice delay to force the goaltender to get out of position, and then tickled the back of the twine to finally provide some positive momentum for his teammates. Despite finally racking up some shots on net, the Ice Sharks weren't able to add to their total on the scoreboard right away. With barely over a minute to play the Bulls made a nice pass from behind the net that their attacker was able to wrist up and over the Ice Sharks goalie, making it a 5-1 score. With less than 30 seconds to play Drew fired a pass to a teammate, who was able to bank a shot into the net off of the Bloomingdale goaltenders back, making it a 5-2 game. That would be the way the period would close.

After zero goals in the first period, and the scoring outburst in the second, nobody knew what to expect in the final twelve minutes. It took a while, nearly five and half minutes, for someone to finally break through, and thankfully this time it was the Ice Sharks who got on the board first. They scored on a nice wrist shot to make it a game, with a 5-3 score. Three minutes later the puck would find itself in the net once again, though this time it was the Bulls who were celebrating. The original shot went behind the net and bounced out front off of the end board, and they were able to fire a wrist shot past the Ice Sharks goalie as he tried to slide across the net to cover the back side. Unfortunately the score was now 6-3. With just over a minute to play in the contest, the Bloomingdale team would score on a hard shot that came off of a rebound that the Riverview team wasn't able to get to in time. That made it a 7-3 game. With just under forty seconds to go a Riverview player fired the puck towards the net, and it his a Bloomingdale defensemen's skates, and in turn deflected into the net for a fortuitous goal. That would be it for scoring tonight, as the game would end with the Ice Sharks on the wrong end of a 7-4 outcome.


TGH Ice Plex High School Hockey - 2022 Spring Season Game #12 - Riverview Ice Sharks Blue vs. Bloomingdale Rajun' Bulls White


Rodney saluting the girls with the camera.


Samantha saluting Jayden.


Jayden's selfie.


Sam and Jay got Drew's attention before the team went on the ice...


...and he saluted them as well!


Another selfie courtesy of Jay.


A couple selfie shots of Sam and Jay...


Drew firing the puck on net during pre-game warmups.


Drew playing left wing during the opening faceoff.


Drew playing the puck along the boards behind the net in his offenzive zone.


Drew carrying the puck through center ice.


Drew heading towards the net hoping to knock in a rebound.


Drew getting tripped (but no call) after a faceoff.


Drew turning up the ice with the puck.


Drew firing a shot on net...


...only to have the Bloomingdale goaltender make the save.


Drew heading through center ice with the puck once again.


Drew made a nice backhand pass to a teammate in front of the net.


Drew lining up a slapshot from the right circle...


...and sending the puck on net.


Drew scored on this close-in shot for his teams first goal of the game.


Drew skating the puck out of his defensive zone.



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