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Tuesday, November 15th, 2022              

Game #3

Riverview High School - Riverview 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Riverview Lady Sharks 1   1 1   1 1 1 1   7
Lennard Longhorns 1   1   1     1           1 5

Half Length

40:00 40:00  


Jayden and her Riverview Lady Sharks teammates took part in a high scoring battle against the Lennard Longhorns. Although the Sharks got the first shot on goal, it was the Longhorns who got on the board first thanks to a kick that sailed to the right of the Sharks keeper. Less than two minutes later the Sharks answered back thanks to a kick from just outside the box that sailed over the Longhorns keeper's head. Riverview would also get the next three shots on goal, but they weren't able to score again prior to the first water break. Lennard would go on to get the first four shots on goal coming out of the break, and they retook the lead on that fourth shot that came thanks to a long pass from the right corner to the front of the net. The Sharks would knot the score up once again, this time at 2-2 on another shot over the keepers head. Moments later Lennard would reclaim the lead on their own shot over the Sharks keeper. That would be the end of the scoring, as the opening half would close with a 3-2 score.

It took about 12 minutes into the second half, but the Sharks would tie the score once again, this time at 3-3 on a kick that got past the Lennard keeper in the left side. A PK would allow the Longhorns to take the lead once again, this time by a 4-3 margin. With just over eleven minutes to play the Sharks found a groove. They would score to tie the game on a long, high kick that went up and over the Lennard keeper. They would take their first lead moments later on a low kick that skimmed the ground and went past the keepers left food. A short time after taking the lead at 5-4 the Sharks would score on a direct kick that once again soared over the keepers head. Less than eight minutes after tying the game, they would score their fourth goal in as many shots, this one on a breakaway (that may have been a missed offsides call) that the Sharks were able to convert for a 7-4 score. Lennard would score their final goal of the game as the half neared its end, making the final score 7-5 and moving the Riverview Lady Sharks to 2-0 on the season.


Riverview Lady Sharks Game #3 - vs. Lennard Longhorns


Jayden running back on defense.


Jay checking on a teammate who slipped on the track and field section alongside the field.


Jay stepping up to challenge a Lennard attacker...


...and forcing a pass to the middle of the field that would lead to a steal by a Sharks teammate.


Jay taking possession of the ball...


...before deciding to head up field...


...and turn as a Longhorns player approaches...


...and taking a shove while maintaining control...


...and continuing up the field...


...before racing across midfield...


...and then leaping in disappointment as the final whistle interrupted her rush.



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