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Thursday, November 17th, 2022              

Game #4

Newsome High School - Lithia 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Riverview Lady Sharks 0 0 0
Newsome Wolves 1 1 1 1 1 1 6

Half Length

40:00 40:00  


Jayden and her Riverview Lady Sharks teammates did not have a great showing tonight in their matchup against the Newsome Wolves. The Sharks didn't manage to get a shot on goal during the course of the opening half, and found themselves down 3-0 when it ended. The first two Newsome goals came thanks to penalty kicks, the first due to a handball in the box and the second for a trip in the box. The final goal of the opening half came compliments of a pass that went across the box and was kicked into the open back side of the net.

The second half was more of the same, with the exception of the Lady Sharks actually managing a lone shot on goal! The opening goal of the second half came on a third penalty kick, for yet another trip inside of the box. That goal would make it a 4-0 game, and it only got worse for the Sharks from there. The second goal of the half came on a near duplicate of the games third goal - a pass through the box that was kicked into the open back side of the net. The final goal of the game came on a long kick from well outside the box that found its way into the net to the right side of the Riverview keeper. That goal would make it a 6-0 game, and that would be the score when the final whistle blew.


Riverview Lady Sharks Game #4 - at Newsome Wolves


Jayden looking down during a break in play.


Jay looking for a spot to make a sideline throw-in...


...before winding up...


...and reaching way back... launch the ball down the field.


Jay battling for position with a Newsome player.


Jay spotting her Dad in the crowd and giving him a wave.


Jay looking on as the ball flies down the field.


Jayden battling for the ball...


...before getting shoved.


Jay jumping up to try to get her head on the ball.



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