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Tuesday, December 6th, 2022              

Game #8

Spoto High School - Riverview 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Riverview Lady Sharks 1 1 1 1     1 1 1   1 8
Spoto Spartans           1       1  2

Half Length

40:00 40:00  


Once again I was unable to attend Jayden's game tonight as her and her Riverview Lady Sharks teammates faced off against the Spoto Spartans. Because of that I do not have a lot of information to share. I know that Jay got quite a bit of playing time over the course of the game, and her and her teammates made the most of their opportunities on the field. The Lady Sharks would score the first four goals of the opening half, with the first two coming on long shots from outside of the box. Their final goal rolled off of the keepers gloves and into the net. The Spoto team would score a goal late in the half, and the two teams would make it to halftime with the score 4-1 in favor of Riverview.

Riverview would find the back of the net three straight times in the second half before the Spartans would score on a shot that the Sharks keeper missed. The Sharks would match their first half total with the eighth goal of the game before the final whistle blew. The final score was 8-2 with the Lady Sharks on the positive end once again!


Riverview Lady Sharks Game #8 - at Spoto Spartans


Jayden looking back at the action across the field.


Jay launching the ball down the field during a sideline throw-in.


Jay going after a bouncing ball... using her knee... settle it down...


...before watching her pass go to a teammate.


Jay taking another sideline throw-in.


Jay using her body to block the Spoto player from the ball...


...before kicking the ball ahead to her teammates.


Jayden chasing after the Spoto player with the ball.


Jay lining up a sideline throw...


...before tossing the ball out to an open teammate.


Jay watching a flying ball come her way...


...before getting her head on it...


...and sending it back to her teammates.



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