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Tuesday, March 7th, 2023              

Junior Varsity Game #5

Lennard High School - Ruskin 1st 2nd 3rd 4th / Final
Riverview Lady Sharks 0 0 0 6
Lennard Longhorns 13 19 31 31


Jayden and her Riverview Lady Sharks teammates travelled to Lennard High School to take on the Longhorns tonight. This game definitely did not go as planned for the Sharks, however.

Lennard got the ball first, and they promptly marched down the field, using most of the first quarter clock in the process, to score the game's opening touchdown. Riverview actually did have them stopped, but a penalty (for which I did not hear the reason) extended the Longhorns drive. They took advantage on the very next play, grabbing the 6-0 lead. Riverview then took possession and completed a nice 7 yard pass for a first down, but then threw an interception on just their second offensive snap of the game. Two plays later Lennard extended their lead with another touchdown pass to make it a 13-0 game after a successful extra point attempt. The second quarter saw Riverview start with the ball, and they had mixed results on this drive. They had a couple of nice passing plays, a couple of incomplete passes, and a sack that ultimately cost them their momentum and forced them to punt the ball away. The Sharks coaches called timeout and let the girls have an earful at that point. They made wholesale changes, resulting in Jayden seeing her first game action on defense. Lennard answered quickly once more, scoring on a quick three play drive to make it a 19-0 game. Thankfully none of the plays went to Jay's side of the field, so she wasn't really to blame for the fast score. The Sharks got the ball back with time on the clock, and drove the ball down the field with some nice passing plays, but once again saw their momentum halted by an interception. The half would close with the Sharks down by the 19-0 score.

Riverview got the ball to start the second half, looking to regain some of the swagger they had gained by moving the ball at the end of the first half, but alas there was none to be found, as they quickly threw an interception. Jayden joined her teammates on the field for defense once again. Four plays later the Longhorns found the endzone once more, making it a 25-0 game. Again, no plays came to Jay's side of the field. After getting the ball back, Jay and her Riverview teammates quickly went three and out, after a bad snap and two incomplete passes, they were forced to punt once again. Jay stayed on the field for another defensive series. Once again it resulted in a Lennard touchdown, though it seems that the Longhorns preferred to run their plays to their left side, so Jay didn't get a chance to make a tackle or defend any passes. The touchdown made it a 31-0 game. Riverview got the ball back towards the end of the period. On a drive that spanned the end of the third and the beginning of the fourth the Sharks moved the ball down the field, but once again saw it come to a crashing halt after yet another interception. Jay went back in on defense once Lennard got the ball back, and this time the defense forced a three and out by the Longhorns! Jay stayed in when Riverview's offense took the field, and the team finally marched down the field (like Lennard's first drive, this one was also aided by a penalty) and they finally got on the scoreboard with a touchdown! That made it a 31-6 score, but they would not get to attempt the extra point, as apparently they ran out of time, as they varsity game needed to get started. Better luck next time, girls.


Junior Varsity Flag Football Game #5 - Riverview Lady Sharks at Lennard Longhorns


Jayden and her teammates in the huddle after the head coach called a timeout to yell at the girls for their lack of effort to this point in the game.


Jay looking on as the tackled Lennard player comes nearby as she saw time on defense for the first time this season.


Jay going on a route while playing wide receiver.


Jay and her teammates in the huddle before running a play.


Jay turning back towards the line of scrimmage after an incomplete pass by the Lady Sharks.


Jay lined up on defense while the coach gives some pre-snap directions.


Jay running across the field as the ball went to the opposite side of her on defense.


Jay in her defensive position.


Jay waiting for another play on defense.


Jay running towards the ball.


Jayden running a route on offense.


Jay watching as a pass goes to her teammate.


Jay clapping as the Lady Sharks get on the scoreboard.



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