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Tuesday, March 28th, 2023              

Junior Varsity Game #8

Riverview High School - Riverview 1st 2nd 3rd 4th / Final
Riverview Lady Sharks 0 0 0 0
Wharton Wildcats 6 0 12 18


Jayden and her Riverview Lady Sharks teammates returned to their home field at Riverview High School to take on the Wildcats from Wharton High School in the northern part of Tampa.

The Sharks started out on defense tonight, and they allowed the Wildcats to make a long march down the field on a long drive. Riverview just couldn't get a stop when they needed it, and the Wildcats scored a touchdown to take a 6-0, though they were unsuccessful on the extra point attempt. The Sharks would have possession of the ball when the first quarter came to a close, and they were making good progress marching down the field. Unfortunately for them, and bad snap early in the second quarter set them back ten yards, and they weren't able to make up the extra yards and were forced to punt the ball away. Wharton started to march down the field once again after getting the ball back, but Riverview put an end to that drive my snagging an interception. Unfortunately they weren't able to get anything going on their drive on offense, and punted after a negative yardage running play and two incomplete passes. Although the Wildcats had two positive passing played after they got the ball back, the clock run out on the first half before any more damage could be done.

Riverview got the ball back to start the second half, down 6-0. They strung together a few positive plays before their drive was ended by a Wharton interception. The Wildcats had good field position to start their first drive of the half, and they quickly took advantage of it. On just their second play the receiver on Jayden's side of the field got a step on her and found herself running into the end zone after catching the ball, making it a 12-0 game after another missed extra point try. After getting the ball back the Sharks went backwards on a penalty and a negative yardage passing play, and threw an interception while trying to get back that yardage. Jay and the Sharks defense returned to the field after a short rest, and this time they held their own, forcing the Wildcats to punt after giving up a single first down. Riverview then strung together their best offensive drive of the game, marching down to midfield but turning the ball over on downs after coming up short on their fourth down attempt. Jay returned to the field on defense, and the Wildcats quickly marched down the field in just three plays to score their third touchdown of the game, though none of the plays were on Jays side of the field. Although Riverview got the ball back on offense, there wasn't much time left on the clock, and the game came to an end with the score 18-0 in favor of Wharton.


Junior Varsity Flag Football Game #8 - Riverview Lady Sharks vs Wharton Wildcats


Jayden moving in to assist on a flag pull.


Jay covering the receiver on defense...


...and going in for the flag pull as the ball slips through the receivers arms.


Jay jumping up to defend a pass...


...and getting a fingertip on the ball...


...causing the ball to fall incomplete.


Jayden going up to deflect another Wharton pass.



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