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Saturday, April 8th, 2023              

Junior Varsity Game #10

Land O' Lakes Recreation Complex - Land O' Lakes 1st 2nd 3rd 4th / Final
Riverview Lady Sharks 0 6 6 6
vs. Palmetto Tigers 0 0 6 12


Jayden and her Riverview Lady Sharks teammates travelled to Land O' Lakes to play in two early morning games. The first game was a 9am "kickoff" against the Palmetto Tigers.

The Sharks got the ball to start the contest, but they got off to a horrible start, with a bad snap on their first play of the game set them back to start things off, and then two incomplete passes meant that a punt was in order. Although the Tigers got good field position to start, they threw four incomplete passes and were forced to turn the ball over on downs. With the Sharks in possession of the ball once again, they were able to complete a couple of passes, but they weren't able to get enough yards on their passing plays to gain a first down, and they too were forced to turn the ball over after an incomplete pass on fourth down. Jay got on the field for the next defensive series, and she did her part to help force another turnover on downs by the Tigers. Riverview took over on offense, and they put together their best drive of the game so far. They mixed some nice passes with a nice running play to get the ball down to the two yard line, but three straight incomplete passes put an end to their hopes of scoring the games first points. The Tigers took over with the ball at the two yard line, but they threw three straight incomplete passes before having to punt the ball away. The Sharks took possession on the 18 yard line, and one play later they found themselves in the lead thanks a long passing play. Although they didn't convert on the extra point, they held a 6-0! Palmetto had time for one last play before halftime, and their pass attempt fell incomplete.

The second half got off to a slow start, with both teams picking up a single first down before being forced to punt the ball away. Palmetto took over for their second drive of the half, and after a short gain on first down and then an incomplete pass, the QB took off to the right side of the field and made her way through the Riverview defense. Jayden gave chase from her spot as cornerback on the left side of the field, and nearly chased the QB down, diving for her flags  but just coming up short as the Tigers evened the score at 6-6 (thanks to a failed extra point attempt). Riverview would be unsuccessful on their next three pass attempts, and would once again have to punt the ball away. Thankfully the Tigers wouldn't have much more luck on their next drive, as they turned the ball over on downs after four missed passes in a row. The Sharks managed to pick up a first down on their next offensive drive, but they would stall out once again thanks to some errant passes and would have to punt the ball away once more. Unfortunately, it took Palmetto just two plays to find the end zone once again, this time on a long run after a short pass, giving the Tigers a 12-6 lead. The Sharks would get a chance to tie things up or take the lead, but they were only able to pick up a single first down before ending their chances on three straight incomplete passes. The Tigers would end the game by taking a knee, handing the Sharks another loss.


Junior Varsity Flag Football Game #10 - Riverview Lady Sharks vs. Palmetto Tigers


Jayden on the field during a break in the action.


Jay lined up on the opposite side of the field as a cornerback.


Jay looking back as the pass falls incomplete.


Jay with the ball in her hand after catching it off of the bounce.


Jay in her defensive position.


Jay with the flags of a Tigers player who attempted to run past.


Jay pursuing a runner on her sideline.


Jay spotting the Palmetto quarterback breaking into the backfield...


...and hustling down the field after her. Although we didn't get it on camera, Jayden came within inches of making the tackle shy of the goal line, diving for the runners flags and hitting the ground hard. She played through it, but felt the effects for days afterwards in the form of scabs and turf-burns.



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