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    On Saturday, July 28th, Tara & I competed in our second annual Warrior Dash. This year we brought along Tyler, who was anxious to get his first look at the Warrior Dash course. This year the race took place over a 3.25 mile course with 13 obstacles spread throughout. The first mile or so was once again all running, in an attempt to spread people apart so that they are not jamming up at the obstacles. This didn't work so well after, though, as by the time everyone reached the second obstacle we were back waiting in a line to get through. While there were a few repeat obstacles from last year, such as from cars and the mud and fire, there was also several new obstacles this year. We didn't run for time this year, opting instead to run as a big group (even though most of the group took off without us as we waited behind for a couple of members). The best part was that nobody in our family suffered any injuries this year! Woohoo for no trips to the doctors office!

    This first group of pictures are from our miscellaneous sightings from before the start of our heat...

Pre-Dash Sights

This dapper fellow happened to be parked next to us.

Look at this "old man" warming up before the race...

...who was being followed by this man with a mean "mullet!"

These Warriors were definitely Samantha's favorite.

Tara helping our friend Amy with her chair before the race.

One of our friends Bill decided to wear some Batman underwear for the race.

A look across the Warrior Dash campus.

Another look at some of the participants hanging out.

Another look at our group getting ready to run.

Tyler was both excited and nervous about running his first Warrior Dash!

    When it neared 10:30am, we headed off to the start line. When the flames flared up above the starting line we began our 1 mile run (OK, walk) to start the race. We hit our first obstacle, the Barricade Breakdown (a repeat from last year's race), and made our way up and over walls before climbing under barbed wire.

The 2012 Warrior Dash

Here is the overall course layout, including the 1+ mile run to start the race.

A look at the crowd waiting behind the starting line.

One last group shot before the race begins (minus Rodney & Tara).

The flames signaling the start of the race!

Tyler trotting backwards while Tara makes her way down the course.

Tyler and Rodney posing together for a picture.

The first obstacle we encountered was the Barricade Breakdown. Here you had to climb over waist high walls and then crawl under barb wire. There were four or five walls to crawl over with barb wire in between each one.

Tyler making the leap over the first wall.

A look down the length of the Barricade Breakdown.

A sign along the way... how true is that?

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