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July 27th, 2013              

    Here are some more pictures from the race...

Warrior Dash - Race Photos!

Tyler and Sam racing into the water for the "Deadweight Drifter" obstacle.

Sam posing for a photo while Tyler ties his shoe.

Carlos posing for a photo after the Deadweight Drifter obstacle.

Tyler and Carlos heading towards the "Barricade Breakdown" obstacle.

Tyler and Carlos attacking the Barricade Breakdown walls.

Carlos, Tyler, and Sam making their way through the "Road Rage" obstacle.

Carlos making his way across the final set of cars in Road Rage.

Tyler watching as Carlos enters the next set of obstacles (unnamed on the website - sorry).

Tyler making his way into the circular cargo nets.

Sam climbing into the cargo nets.

Tyler and Carlos climbing onto the cargo nets of "Leaders Edge" (?) obstacle.

Carlos and Tyler finishing the Leaders Edge.

Carlos, Tyler, and Sam making their way onto yet another unnamed obstacle.

Carlos and Sam climbing down the back of the previous obstacle.

Tyler heading down the hill towards the mud.

Tyler wading deep in the mud.

Sam making her way through the mud... is Carlos.

Carlos, Samantha, and Tyler after successfully crossing through the mud.

Tyler and Sam approaching yet another unnamed obstacle.

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