Florida Vacation

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    Since we had an opportunity for two full weeks of vacation, we decided to take advantage of that time and go to Florida. We spent a few days in Kissimmee while going to Walt Disney World before heading further south to Sarasota for the remainder of our trip. We did take a few day trips to various locations, most of our time in Sarasota was filled by family activities.

    Although I have attempted to give a brief summary before each set of pictures, you can find out much (much) more detail about our trip by reading my journal, posted separately. As you can tell by reading it, we had a lot of fun on this trip, and are certainly looking forward to doing it again.

    As always, enjoy!

  • December 18th - Click here to see some pictures from our first night in the hotel.
  • December 19th - Follow this link to see some pictures from our drive from Kentucky all the way to Florida!
  • December 20th - Go here to see some early Christmas pictures as well as pictures from our day at Downtown Disney.
  • December 21st - Here are the pictures from our day at the Magic Kingdom!
  • December 22nd - Follow this link to see pictures from our day at Disney's Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom.
  • December 23rd - Click here to see pictures from our breakfast at Chef Mickey's and our return trip to Downtown Disney.
  • December 24th - Go here for pictures of our activities at the Sun-N-Fun swimming pool at our Christmas Eve gathering at Great-Grandma's.
  • December 25th - Here is where to go so you can see a bunch of pictures of our Christmas morning gift unwrapping.
  • December 26th - Follow this link to see Dad & Mom's campsite and some houses well decorated for the holidays.
  • December 27th - Go here to see pictures of our afternoon at Chris & Gina's house.
  • December 28th - Click here to see some pictures of our attempt at swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and the condo pool.
  • December 29th - Follow this link for pictures of our trip to the TECO Manatee Viewing center and of the inside of our condo.
  • December 30th - Here is where you can see pictures of the outside of our condo and of the kids swimming at Sun-N-Fun.
  • December 31st - Click here for pictures of us swimming at Sun-N-Fun and an evening game of shuffleboard.
  • January 1st - This link has pictures of our stop at Downtown Disney and our hotel while on our way home.
  • January 2nd - Follow this link for a few assorted pictures form our drive home.
  • Journal - Click here to read all of the tedious details from our entire Florida vacation.


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