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Drew and his Flint Jr. Firebirds hockey teammates will be participating in the Ring of Fire tournament during the weekend of May 11th-13th. At this time the team is scheduled for three games, beginning on Friday, along with one more, to be decided based on their standings after the first three games. Remember to check the game links below for the results! Go FireBirds!


Ring of Fire Tournament - '05 Flint Jr. Firebirds



Location Time Result Score Record
  May 11   Game 1 - at GFHA Ice Raiders Arctic Coliseum 7:15pm W 9-0 1-0
  May 12   Game 2 - vs. Atlanta Kings Arctic Coliseum 1:00pm L 1-0 1-1
  May 12   Game 3 - vs. Ohio Jr. Otters Arctic Edge of Canton 7:40pm L 3-0 1-2
  May 13   Consolation Game - vs. GFHA Ice Raiders Arctic Edge of Canton 10:45am W 11-0     1-0     (2-2)


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